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Proper management of your personal finances is the key to achieving financial self-sufficiency. Realize your dreams and realize your projects. That’s where we come in, to work for you but most of all, with you.

We will guide you to good harbor.
And, We’ll take the journey with you.


We offer a full range of financial services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.


François Saumure - Conseillers en sécurité financière - Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

He began his career as a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial in 1998. He holds the necessary permits to serve his clientele in both Ontario and Quebec, helping them protect their assets with strategies that combine life insurance, critical illness And disability. Its great strength is to popularize and simplify what customers normally have difficulty grasping because of financial jargon. He is very motivated by the well-being of people and is very keen on their financial success!

Martin Leduc - Conseillers en sécurité financière-Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


Financial Planner
Financial Security Advisor

Investment Representative


He began his career in financial services in 2007. He holds the title of Financial Planner. He started his first business at the age of 16. He always seeks to deepen his financial knowledge to better serve his clients, mainly in advanced financial strategies. He is well known for explaining and popularizing what clients often have more difficulty grasping. He has made several presentations on how to use insurance products for foundations and contractors.

Adjointe ymbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


To contact us : 819-307-7477
Kariane Pion Adjointe Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


To contact us : 819-307-7477

Did you know that Canadians with a financial security program…

Feel better equipped to cope with financial emergencies? 60%
Consider being more able to save more money? 62%
Consider to be on the right track to retire when they want to? 50%
Source : Financial Planning Standards Council,, The value of Financial Planning

How we work with you

Plan updates
And monitoring
Ongoing adminstrative support
Monitoring the plan's implementation
Updating the plan, if necessary in the event of a change in objectives
Current situation Assessment of the current situation (Completing a form)
Making together your financial portrait and establishing your investor's profile
Goals Defining your short, medium
and long term goals
Discussing your retirement plans,
and estate process if you wish
Analysis Analysing your current situation vs your goals
Providing solutions based on the results of the analysis
Solutions Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solutions
of the plan
Establishing a plan
Initiating the process and
creating an implementatin timeline

Every situation is different. Getting to know yourself becomes essential. We will take the time to analyze your needs in light of your goals. Our many years of experience, allow us to offer you a variety of services. Whether we talk about Retirement, Succession, Investments, Financial Strategies, we are the right team for you.

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