The cabinet’s history in time

Symbiose was born of the partnership created between Martin Leduc and François Saumure.

Everyday, we help our clients in planning and protecting their financial future. Our only priority is to give them the best of our expertise, and we have decided to combine our respective strengths and benefit our customers.
The idea of ​​setting up a firm is also linked to our philosophy of cooperation and complementarity. Being several professionals under one roof, offers the opportunity to exchange on certain topics of finance, new products, effective strategies, etc. This is the experience of 2 financial specialists gathering in one place.
Another important advantage is that our clients will never find themselves without the services of their counselors in case of disability for a short or long term. In order to prevent this situation from affecting the services of our customers, we decided to join forces for the creation of SymbioseGestion et Protection du Patrimoine. One of our advisors takes a vacation? Do not be afraid, our partnership ensures that one of the partners will meet your needs with the same level of quality and attention you know well.

The origin of the name Symbiose

We chose Symbiose because it shows how important it is for us to work closely with clients, other members of the firm, as well as the external resources necessary for the client’s file. The addition of Gestion et Protection du Patrimoine is also significant as we want to emphasize the importance of PROTECTING your heritage and not just managing it. Your financial health is important to us, and it goes far beyond words.

What is a Financial Planner?

Personal financial planning is a process that consists in optimizing your financial situation and your wealth. Financial planning integrates knowledge in the following seven areas: legal, insurance and risk management, finance, taxation, investments, retirement and succession.

The role of the financial planner is to assist you in the development of your financial planning by drawing up a strategic plan of action adapted to your needs and taking into account your constraints and personal objectives.

It then proposes coherent and realistic strategies and measures to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. These are valuable assets to keep track of your assets and make the right decision at the right time.

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Ask the right questions to your advisors

  • What is your field of study?
  • Do you have a particular field of expertise?
  • How are you paid?
  • What services will you give me?
  • How often will you review my file?
  • Can I see an example of what my plan of action will be?
  • What will be my role in implementing my action plan?
  • Will I have to sign a professional service contract?

A sound management of your personal finances is the key to achieving financial autonomy, to realize your dreams and to realize your projects.


François Saumure - Conseillers en sécurité financière - Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

He began his career as a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial in 1998. He holds the necessary permits to serve his clientele in both Ontario and Quebec, helping them protect their assets with strategies that combine life insurance, critical illness And disability. Its great strength is to popularize and simplify what customers normally have difficulty grasping because of financial jargon. He is very motivated by the well-being of people and is very keen on their financial success!

Martin Leduc - Conseillers en sécurité financière-Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

He began his career in financial services in 2007. He holds the title of Financial Planner. He started his first business at the age of 16. He always seeks to deepen his financial knowledge to better serve his clients, mainly in advanced financial strategies. He is well known for explaining and popularizing what clients often have more difficulty grasping. He has made several presentations on how to use insurance products for foundations and contractors.

Adjointe ymbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


To contact us : 819-307-7477
Kariane Pion Adjointe Symbiose - Gestion et protection du patrimoine


To contact us : 819-307-7477


How many Canadians are saving for their retirement? 25%
How many workers have a pension fund at work? 52%
What part of my income would I need at retirement? 55%